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A Message from OVW Acting Director Regarding COVID-19 

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ALSO Underserved TA Project Webinars

  1. Human Trafficking: Issues and Responses When Working With Underserved Populations
    Presenters: Robin Hassler Thompson, JD, MA; Executive Director | Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center
    Graciela Marquina, MSW, Victim Assistance Coordinator | Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center
  2. Trauma-Informed Design: Creative Responsive Environments | 5-29-2019
    Facilitator: Lisa Gilmore, Consultant | ALSO
    Presenters: Jennifer Sobecki, CEO | Designs For Dignity
    Neha Gill, Executive Director | Apna Ghar, Inc. (Our Home)
  3. Intake Best Practices - A Follow Up to the 2018 Fall Institute | 2-13-2019
    Presenter: Lisa Gilmore, Consultant | ALSO
  4. Sexual Assault & Holistic Healing Practices For Culturally Specific/Underserved Populations | 11-07-2018
    Presenter: Kalimah Johnson, Founder/Executive Director | SASHA Center
  5. Facilitated Discussion on Providing Sexual Assault Services to Underserved Populations | 3-29-2018
    Facilitator: Lisa Gilmore, Consultant | ALSO
  6. Providing Sexual Assault Services to Underserved Populations | 2-22-2018
    Presenters: Mira Yusef, Executive Director | Monsoon United  Asian Women of Iowa
    Yasmeen Hamza, Director of Community Programs | Womankind
  7. Grant Administration FY 2017 | 11-09-2017
    Presenter: Kara Moller, Program Manager | Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice

Underserved In-Person Meetings Session Materials 

All of the session materials are password-protected, for exclusive Underserved grantee usage. The password is: also!U

2019 Summer Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)
2018 Fall Institute (Chicago, Illinois)

Grantee Orientations
FY 2019 Grantee Orientation (New Orleans, Louisiana)
FY 2018 Grantee Orientation
(Washington, DC)
FY 2017 Grantee Orientation (New Orleans, Louisiana)
FY 2016 Grantee Orientation (St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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