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The STOP Technical Assistance to Administrators Resource (STAAR) Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women to provide assistance to grantees and sub grantees of the STOP Formula Grant Program in all U.S. states and territories.  The STAAR Project offers educational opportunities, peer networking, training, problem-solving strategies, and other responsive support in collaboration with other national technical assistance providers. ALSO's technical assistance has included: the Implementation Planning process, strategies around statewide responses to sexual assault, and planning trainings. 

New STOP Administrators WebinarThis webinar includes an overview of the ALSO STAAR Project along with ALSO STAAR Project products.

The STOP Administrator's Handbook, Implementation Planning Tool, and Administrators' Corner Newsletter can all be found below.

Information about about the STAAR Project, LINK Program, and additional resources for STOP Administrators may be accessed by clicking on the following links: STAAR ProjectLINK ProgramTools and Resources.

New Grantee Orientation Webinars: Find information about how to administer the STOP Formula Grant in your state/territory while remaining in compliance with federal guidelines by listening to these webinars. The webinars include resources on OVW, civil rights obligations, grant auditing, using Grants Management System (GMS), grant fraud investigation, and grants financial management.

Handbook for STOP Administrators: The Handbook for STOP Administrators was developed by the ALSO STAAR TA Project in close collaboration with the Office on Violence Against Women and STOP Administrators to provide guidance to U.S. state and territorial recipients of the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program funds in their administration of the grant.

Implementation Planning ToolThe STOP Implementation Plan Toolkit is a product of the Alliance of Local Service Organizations' STAAR Project and is designed to assist STOP administrators with the development and writing of a STOP Implementation Plan.

Administrators' Corner Newsletter: The Administrators’ Corner, written by ALSO STAAR TA Project specifically for STOP Formula Grant administrators, aims to provide content in each issue that you will find useful to your work, including:

  • Examples of innovative ideas that administrators have implemented related to the administration of STOP funds;
  • Promising practices for improving the criminal justice system response to sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence; 
  • Updates and information from the STOP Unit that will assist you in fulfilling STOP Grant Program requirements; 
  • Information on critical and emerging issues, relevant legislation, and new regulations that may affect your work or the efforts of STOP subgrantees; and 
  • Upcoming events that you or subgrantees may be interested in attending. 

Information from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW)

Technical Assistance Request Form: If you have questions or are interested in receiving technical assistance, please complete the Technical Assistance Request Form

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