PREA Resources

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The OVW STOP Unit has drafted two worksheets, still awaiting OMB approval, for those states that submitted an assurance indicating they would use 4.75% of STOP funds to come into compliance with PREA. Links to these documents are below. Please note STOP Administrators would not be required to return the worksheet until after 2014 STOP awards have been made. Once these guides are available on the United States Department of Justice website we will link to them here. If you would like further guidance or resources please reach out to
The ALSO STAAR Project TA team outlined information for STOP Administrators about the May 15, 2014 PREA Certification deadline in a sheet available by clicking here.
National PREA Resource CenterThe PREA Resource Center (PRC) is working to address sexual safety in confinement, and to assist state and local jurisdictions with implementation of the Department of Justice national PREA standards. The PRC has also provided further guidance relevant to the STOP Formula Grant Program ( in particular, issues of confidentiality and privilege) and other grant programs .
Additional Certified Auditors
The PRC has added additional names to the certified auditor’s page. Click here for the updated list of certified auditors.

The Resource Sharing Project has provided a list of resources to help STOP Administrators as they determine how to implement PREA within their states/territories:

Working with transgender survivors of sexual abuse in detention - Forge WebinarThe National Prison Rape Elimination Act standards create exciting new opportunities for providing effective services to currently incarcreated transgender survivors of sexual abuse. All available data indicates that transgender people in detention – particularly transgender women – are exceptionally vulnerable to sexual abuse. Learn about the latest research, conditions that contribute to this vulnerability, and steps you can take to meet these survivors’ needs and advocate for their safety.

OVW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PREAOVW Calls to Discuss the Revised STOP FAQs OVW convened two conference calls to review specific changes due to the Reauthorization of VAWA 2013.You can find the February 13, 2014 call recording here or by copying this link into your browser: The call recording for the call on February 18, 2014 is available here. You can also find OVW's STOP PREA Reallocation Fact Sheet here.