STOP Implementation Planning Toolkit

The Implementation Planning Toolkit is a set of tools developed as part of a continuing series of technical assistance resources designed to assist with STOP implementation planning. The Toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Office on Violence Against Women for use in conjunction with the OVW Implementation Plan Checklist.

The Toolkit is intended to be a practical resource that facilitates the development of a comprehensive STOP Implementation Plan, helps with tracking communications with and input from entities that are involved in the STOP planning process, and assists with managing documentation related to outreach and meaningful consultation with Tribes. 

What is included in the Implementation Planning Toolkit?

  • Implementation Plan Template: The Template is a pre-formatted Word template document that tracks the OVW Implementation Plan Checklist.  It includes removable content control boxes for each required and recommended element of an Implementation Plan, as well as margin comments with links to important resources (e.g., STOP FAQs) and brief guidance. You must download the Template and 'Save As' a Word Template to fully utilize all functions.
  • STOP Formula Grant Planning Workbook: The Workbook is an Excel template with four worksheets designed to help track consultation and data. 
  • Instructions for Using the STOP Implementation Plan Template and Planning Workbook:  The instructions explain Template and Workbook features and how they can assist with STOP implementation planning processes.
  • Implementation Plan Guidance Tool:  The Guidance Tool provides more comprehensive guidance to STOP Implementation Plan development in a tool that tracks the OVW Implementation Plan Checklist. The Tool offers links to statutory language and regulations, suggests methods for communicating information, and provides examples of ways to approach and meet elements of the Checklist. 
  • Implementation Planning Participation Form: This fillable PDF form can be sent to members of the STOP Planning Committee and included with the final STOP Implementation Plan. The form provides a place for Planning Committee members to document their participation in key STOP planning processes.