Implementation Planning Resources

The resources on this page are not exhaustive. If you need additional information and you do not find it here or have suggestions about content that might be helpful to include, please contact us at
STOP Implementation Planning Toolkit (April 2019): The STOP Implementation Plan Template Packet is a product of ALSO's STAAR Project and is designed as a concrete guideline to assist administrators with the planning and writing of their STOP implementation Plans. It should be used in conjunction with the Implementation Plan Tool and the other resources provided on this page.
STOP Implementation Planning: A Monthly At-A-Glance Guide (December 2019): The Monthly At-A-Glance Guide offers an overview, action steps, and suggestions that can assist and help pace the STOP Grant Program Administrator’s office during the STOP Implementation Planning process. Sharing this “at-a-glance” overview with office leadership, STOP planning team members and other key partners, stakeholders, and communities is encouraged. It can quickly provide them with an understanding of the STOP implementation planning process, what is expected, and an idea of the time and resources needed to comply with Federal requirements and accomplish STOP program goals.
OVW Implementation Plan Checklist: Developed by the Office on Violence Against Women
Virtual Office Hours (2016-2017): The STAAR Project held office hours to support STOP Administrators with implementation planning. The combined transcript from Wednesday, December 14, 2016 and Wednesday, January 11, 2017 is below:
Virtual Office Hours (2014)The STAAR Project hosted virtual office hours to give STOP administrators an opportunity to ask questions or participate in discussions with peers and ALSO staff and consultants about the implementation planning and completing the STOP application. The transcripts are available below:
Implementation Planning WebinarsIn response to requests for further guidance about 2014 STOP Implementation Plans, ALSO convened two webinars about STOP Formula Grants Program Implementation Plan development and content, with a particular focus on changes to the STOP Grant program pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization of 2013.
VAWA 2013 OVW FAQs for Implementation Planning: These calls were hosted in February 2014 to assist STOP Administrators with changes to VAWA in the 2013 Reauthorization, as they related to Implementation Planning.