STOP Intensive Technical Assistance Project (SITAP)

The STOP Intensive Technical Assistance Project (SITAP) is a component of the STOP Formula Grants comprehensive technical assistance provided by the STOP Technical Assistance to Administrators Resource (STAAR) Project.  SITAP is an opportunity for two States and/or Territories to partner with the STAAR Project and its partners in an Assessment and Technical Assistance process focused on specific issues, challenges, or areas that the STOP Administrator seeks to enhance, improve, or grow. Two States/Territories will be selected to partner with the STAAR Project for an approximate 12-15-month period on a three-phase process. 

SITAP Request for Applications and Online Application

SITAP is intended to assist STOP administrators, State and Territory stakeholders, and subgrantee organizations and agencies by strengthening future STOP Implementation Plans and implementation work. SITAP was developed for the purpose of assessing STOP systems, strategies, approaches, and practices, and provide intensive technical assistance on identified priority areas.

Examples of Possible SITAP Application Focus Areas

Participation in SITAP will engage two STOP administrators and their partner(s) in:

  • Assessing STOP systems and strategies, and analyzing results;
  • Applying the results to the STOP planning and/or implementation focus areas identified in their applications; for example:
    • Developing and revising funding strategies;
    • Setting State/Territory priorities that reflect available data (quantitative and qualitative, including anecdotal and experiential);
    • Developing and supporting both current and new subgrantee programs;
    • Utilizing the entire STOP award;
    • Managing and monitoring subgrantee programs;
    • Measuring performance; and
    • Applying lessons learned.
  • Technical assistance activities with OVW technical assistance providers who are members of the SITAP Lead Team and Panel of Advisors.
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