LINK Program

Locally Implementing National Knowledge (LINK) Travel Assistance Program

The LINK Travel Assistance Program connects STOP Formula Grant state and territory administrators and sub-grantees to national knowledge from their field in order to share and implement it locally.

LINK participants will have formal and informal opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and information sharing through participation in a pre-conference orientation call, post-conference webinar, and a networking dinner on-site with fellow participants. Finally, participants will develop an action plan for locally implementing the knowledge gained at the conference.

The LINK Travel Assistance Program eliminates cost barriers associated with attending national conferences by covering participants’ registration, hotel, airfare and ground transportation, and provides them with a meal per diem. 

 LINK participants will:

  • Participate in a pre-conference call/webinar to orient recipients to the program and promote relationship building and networking opportunities
  • Participate in a post-conference call/webinar to foster peer-to-peer information, networking opportunities and idea sharing
  • Attend a networking dinner with other LINK Program participants while at the conference, coordinated by ALSO
  • Submit an Action Plan outlining how knowledge gained from the conference will be applied in their locality
  • Briefly present Action Plan highlights on post-conference call/webinar to facilitate peer-to-peer idea sharing


Applicants will apply directly to ALSO, as opposed to the agency hosting the conference, in order to participate in the LINK Travel Assistance Program. Selection of LINK applicants will be prioritized based on the following criteria:

1) Applicants whose position or agency is funded by the STOP Formula Grant. 

2) Applicants who have not previously participated in other LINK travel assistance opportunities.

3) Applicants from a state or territory with low participation rates in previous LINK travel assistance opportunities.

4) Multidisciplinary teams of 3-5 members. This includes formal and informal multidisciplinary teams working together on the state, territory or local level. 

You will be notified at least 3 weeks prior to the conference whether your application has been approved or whether you have been placed on the wait list.