Session Materials- 2019 Joint Meeting of STOP Administrators, State and Territory Coalition Directors, and Tribal Coalition Directors

All sessions and materials for the upcoming meeting will be listed in the order they will appear on the agenda. This page will serve as the primary access point for materials and will be updated on a rolling basis. Materials will not be provided at the meeting, so we encourage participants to bring printed versions or save materials on their personal devices. 

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Full Meeting Day 1: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Welcoming Remarks
Katharine Sullivan, Acting Director, OVW
MaryEllen Garcia, New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission
Traditional Welcoming, Native American Community Academy

Opening Remarks
Amy Loder, OVW
Marnie Shiels, OVW
IP History & Overview Slides
IP History & Overview Slides_Printer Friendly

Using Data for the Implementation Plan
Heather Warnken, BJS & OVC
Using Data for the IP_Slides

Small Group Work
Using Data Discussion Questions

Description of the Planning Process
Latonya Eaddy, OVW
Melissa Schmisek, OVW 
Process Planning 101 Slides

Process Planning 101 Slides_Printer Friendly

Consulting with Tribes
Sherriann Moore, OVW
Tribal Division Staff, OVW
Consulting with Tribes_Slides

Consulting with Tribes_Slides_Printer Friendly

Small Group Work
IP Planning Process and Consulting with Tribes Discussion Questions

Meeting Allocations for Courts, Prosecution, and Law Enforcement (Optional Session)

Full Meeting Day 2: Tuesday, May 1, 2019

Strategies to Assist with the Implementation Plan and the Planning Process
Myasar Ihmud, STAAR Project
Mary Seighman, STAAR Project
Mary Ellen Garcia, New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission 
Strategies to Assist with the IP and Planning Processes_Slides

Strategies to Assist with the IP and Planning Processes_Printer Friendly

Small Group Work
Strategies to Assist the IP Planning Process Discussion Questions

Working with Underserved Communities and Addressing the Culturally Specific Set-Aside
Amy Loder, OVW
Marnie Shiels, OVW
Working with Underserved Communities Slides
Working with Underserved Communities Slides_Printer Friendly

Small Group Work
Underserved and Culturally Specific Discussion Questions

Addressing the Sexual Assault Set-Aside
Cat Fribley, Resource Sharing Project
Johnanna Ganz, Sexual Violence Justice Institute
Nicole Matthews, Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition
STOP Funded Sexual Assault Services Slides
STOP Funded Sexual Assault Services Slides _Printer Friendly

Small Group Work 
Addressing the Sexual Assault Set-aside Discussion Questions