Re-entry Services

As part of ALSO’s direct service initiatives, re-entry services provide support and guidance to youth and young adults transitioning from incarceration back into the community. By providing the tools to establish positive, independent lives, re-entry services help these youth and young adults overcome the many challenges they face during the re-entry period.

The success of these re-entry services hinges on a tailored case-management approach that establishes relationships with individuals living in risk*. Case managers support both the individual and his/her family in accessing a variety of services, including educational and vocational programs, healthcare, housing and treatment. These services often include GED or high school enrollment assistance, mentoring, treatment services such as substance abuse and anger management, parenting classes, gang-related tattoo removal, transitional housing and much more. Through this holistic approach, re-entry services prevent recidivism by building a strong foundation for overall wellbeing and support.

*In-risk: risk factors have already resulted in adverse effects, versus at-risk which suggests the potential for future harm