Your Life is My Life

Black SignYour Life is My Life, Ending Violence Starts with Me is a bystander intervention training and curriculum created by ALSO to engage individuals as active bystanders in ending violence.  It is a prevention and intervention approach designed to address violence in all forms, paying particular attention on how violent acts co-occur and interact with other forms of violence in urban environments. It has a comprehensive focus on addressing any form of violence in the streets, in the school, and in intimate partner relationships. Your Life is My Life builds and enhances alliances between individuals, disciplines, and systems toward ending violence.

There are 3 main components of the Your Life is My Life campaign.

Bystander Intervention Training: ALSO has created a two-day bystander intervention training to assist individuals in being active bystanders to end violence.  The training focuses on providing individuals the skills, knowledge and practice they need to safely intervene in any conflict that they witness.  Certificates of completion are awarded to all participants.  We conduct these trainings locally in Chicago as well as through partnerships throughout the country.

Public Awareness: The public education campaign is about raising awareness about violence, the forms it takes, the connections between various forms of violence and opportunities to collaborate to end violence.

Technical Assistance: The YLML team will provide ongoing support to community based

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organizations, schools, out of school time programs, faith based groups and other violence prevention efforts.

If you or your organization would like to host a Your Life is My Life Bystander Intervention Training, please call us at (773) 235-5705 or e-mail at