Employment for Youth

ALSO’s 10-10-10 Employment Program teaches marketable sound industry skills.

While working 10 hours a week at $10 per hour for 10 weeks, disconnected youth and young adults in the 10-10-10 Program learn how to set up and operate state-of-the-art sound system equipment speakers, musicians and vocalists. Participants explore opportunities for job placement and learn what is required to obtain and retain a job as a sound technician. Youth build a history of mainstream employment and as well as learn technical skills through this program. In addition to teaching technical skills, staff engage participants in discussions and exercises about how to prevent violence in their own lives, and about pro-social skills that contribute to healthy choices, resilience, and peaceful conflict resolution.

New Level Sound combines skill-building and work experience with a mentorship component.

Through New Level Sound, ALSO clients who have learned basic sound system skills can advance their knowledge and apply it in real work situations. A social enterprise of ALSO, New Level offers competitively-priced sound services for meetings, conferences, concerts, street fairs, and other live events. This unique program provides critical on-the-job training and guidance by professional technicians combined with mentoring by ALSO staff. Program participants have assisted with gigs in Chicago and conferences around the U.S., ranging from musical acts and block parties to national conferences.

ALSO recognizes the importance of gainful employment in under-resourced neighborhoods. As a result, ALSO is committed to train and pay youth to engage in mainstream employment. Additionally, those youth then contribute their time to ALSO to help practitioners better understand the needs of young people through discussion groups and panel presentations. ALSO has a variety of job opportunities for youth who offer their expertise to help us better serve their communities.

For information on either the training program or hiring New Level Sound for an event, visit the New Level Sound Page or contact jmatos@also-chicago.org or call (773) 235-5705, ext. 32.