Press Release: ALSO Becomes a Community Restorative Justice Hub in Humboldt Park


ALSO Becomes a Community Restorative Justice Hub in Humboldt Park

ALSO recently joined seven other local organizations as a Community Restorative Justice Hub (CRJ Hub) overseen by Adler University-Institute of Public Safety and Social Justice. Jorge Matos will be the supervising staff member for the ALSO hub.

ALSO will apply community-led restorative justice approaches to reduce youth conflict and violence in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Restorative justice practices meet street-involved youth where they are and focus on healing the harm caused rather than the criminal behavior committed. ALSO's work within the CRJ Hubs will focus on violence prevention and conflict mediation with street-involved youth. Our dedication to raising awareness of the connection between community violence and intimate partner conflict is a unique perspective ALSO brings to the CRJ Hubs team.

The activities of the CRJ Hubs are grounded in the following five pillars, which are essential in reducing violence and supporting the healing and growth of young people:

  1. A welcoming and hospital place
  2. The accompaniment of youth in their journey
  3. Relationship building with youth and families
  4. Relentless engagement of organizations and resources for the youth and families
  5. Supporting collaboration and learning with other RJ Hubs

To learn more about this model and what organizations are involved in this program, please visit Adler University's Community Restorative Justice Hubs page.

ALSO’s mission is to end violence in the homes and streets of communities nationwide. Learn more about ALSO’s local and national violence prevention and intervention efforts.

Jorge Matos is Associate Director of violence prevention programs at ALSO. Jorge specializes in and oversees programming related to street violence prevention and intervention, the intersection between intimate partner violence and community violence, and engaging disconnected, in-risk youth through job training, mentorship, and conflict management.

Jorge Matos
2401 W. North Avenue
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