22 Apr 2020

Staying Safe at a Time of Crisis

ALSO’s mission is to work in partnership with people living in risk of violence to promote safer streets and homes. In the last six weeks, the people we work with – like all of us - are also “living in risk of coronavirus.”

At this time, we would like to share how ALSO is responding to COVID-19 and working to promote safer streets and homes during this crisis. Our world is about the vulnerable people we serve, who are now more vulnerable; the grantees we work with around the country; the outreach workers who courageously go into communities; all of our staff and their families, our partners. It’s really about all of us.

Many of us are sheltering at home at the moment, but we are connected.

Others are essential frontline workers who leave their homes each day for our benefit. We share a story here about what it’s like to do street outreach in Humboldt Park, a community affected by gun violence during this pandemic. We also share some of the many ways that we’re working to support, connect, and inform people, agencies, and organizations whose work serves victims of violence. Plus, we share resources that can be useful to organizations and survivors during this time.

We are adaptable, careful, and resilient. While we are working to help our communities stay connected, healthy, and safe, we wish you good health and safety too. Thank you for staying connected with us.


ALSO is an organization committed to ending violence in homes and communities nationwide. Your contribution will help us live out our mission to develop, promote and implement model programs in order to build a movement for peace and safety in the coming year.

With your support, we will:

Continue providing jobs for in-risk youth through our 10-10-10 job training program.
Provide bystander intervention training for youth and community members, giving people the skills to know how to increase safety in high risk situations.
Explore and reveal the relationship between intimate partner and community violence to create programming that will reduce both.

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