11 Sep 2020

An Equitable Society

An equitable society. That is what we want, what we believe is achievable, and what we are working towards.

There have always been striking inequities in our society. The experiences of the last few months have only amplified them. We must address them, and remember the words that John Lewis once spoke: “We will stand up for what is right, for what is fair and what is just.”

This issue of ALSO’s newsletter will focus on inequities in our society, and share perspectives on how our programs are making a positive impact. The last several months have been a challenging and perilous time for many of us, but especially for Black and Brown communities. We not only face the pandemic of COVID-19, but racism and violence that plagues our country and communities. At the same time, our country faces its highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. We live in a world where challenges and change are unfolding every moment.

On all of these fronts, the hardest hit communities are those with the highest vulnerabilities due to systemic oppression. The issues we are talking about today are urgent, but the impact of inequity in our society is, without a doubt, nothing new.

At ALSO, we are committed to working in partnership with people living in risk of violence, to promote safer streets and homes. We’re striving for a world where justice and human rights are not just for some, but for all.

Lori Crowder, PhD
ALSO Executive Director
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