Our Policy Priorities

Reduction in Gun

Support policies in Illinois that lead to a reduction in gun violence, with special emphasis on domestic related violence, including:

  • SB1966 The Fix the FOID Act
  • Continued study of possible improvements to the FOID card program, with special attention paid to system inequities

Sentencing Reform for Non-Cannabis Drug Crimes

Support sentencing reform for non-cannabis drug crimes, with special emphasis on the need for:

  • Consideration of domestic violence offenses during sentencing
  • Consideration of mitigating factors related to domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Restrictions surrounding youth mandatory minimums and the abolition of Illinois Department of Corrections' policies and structures that lead to life imprisonment for youth offenders

Full Funding and Expansion of the Social Safety Net

Support full funding and expansion of the social safety net to reduce the role of prisons in Illinois, with special emphasis on:

  • Reducing the barriers to employment and education faced by individuals re-entering society
  • Renewing the State’s commitment to funding and supporting community based programs that allow communities to reduce their dependence on the prison system
  • Ensuring that the State study and then take active steps to pay restitution to communities disproportionately impacted by inequities in the criminal justice system