Our Policy Priorities

Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention

Support for elimination of domestic violence-related shootings and homicides in Illinois.

  • HB 2541 would bring the Illinois Domestic Violence Act into compliance with IL law on emergency orders of protection and allow judges and law enforcement to remove access to guns at one of the most dangerous times for victims.

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Employment Drug Policy Reform

Support policies that protect individuals from unfair hiring and employment policies that block or terminate individuals based solely on cannabis drug tests.

  • HB 4116 provides that an employer cannot refuse to hire an individual or discipline an employee solely because drug test results indicate the presence of THC (found in cannabis), and still allows for reasonable drug-testing policies.
  • HB 4392 eliminates the requirement for cannabis drug testing in order to have certain criminal records expunged or sealed.

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Sentencing Reform for Drug Crimes

Supporting sentencing reform for drug crimes that:

  • Considers any domestic or dating violence offenses and provides for mitigations for survivors coerced into criminal behavior
  • Abolishes youth mandatory minimums including life imprisonment for youth


Full Funding and Expansion of the Social Safety Net

Support full funding and expansion of the social safety net to reduce the role of prisons in Illinois, with special emphasis on:

  • Reducing the barriers to employment and education faced by individuals re-entering society
  • Renewing the State’s commitment to funding and supporting community-based programs that allow communities to reduce their dependence on the prison system
  • Ensuring that the State study and then take active steps to pay restitution to communities disproportionately impacted by inequities in the criminal justice system

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