20May 2019

Focus on Youth Sex Trafficking

While working at a national conference in Tucson, Arizona last June, ALSO street outreach worker Marcus Davis heard presenters from the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA) talk about youth sex trafficking and cases of missing women. He was concerned, and knew about the same problem in Chicago communities, including West Humboldt Park, where he lived, ...
08May 2019

Staff Profile: Maribel Romero, Lead Case Manager

Home. Community. Office. For Maribel Romero, helping participants who come to ALSO is closely tied to her family life, her years in the Humboldt Park community and her work experience. Maribel is the Lead Case Manager for ALSO’s CP4P program, which provides services for in-risk and at-risk youths. CP4P, which stands for Communities Partnering 4 Peace, ...
24Apr 2019

A Journey Toward Justice: Eliminating Gun Violence

The urgent and many-faceted topic of gun violence – and how to prevent it – was the focus of a Loyola University program on Monday, April 15, that brought together leaders of the Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) and other nonprofits, professors, and students from Loyola and Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton. Jorge Matos, ...
02Apr 2019

Safe Streets A Participant’s Story: Arle’que Kimble

Arle’que Kimble knew it was time for a big change in his life. “I was seeing friends go to jail and dying around me. And I was spending too much time fighting and was not trying to work.” In 2014, his best friend died from gun violence.   Arle’que, who is 22 and grew up in ...
22Mar 2019

Metropolitan Peace Academy: Graduation for Street Outreach Workers

Metropolitan Peace Academy: Graduation for Street Outreach Workers For ALSO street outreach workers Christine Escalera and Terry Gage, who work with program participants to stem violence in Humboldt Park, the job is about being there for people in need. On February 28, Christine and Terry were among 24 street outreach workers who graduated from a recently launched training ...
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