Trauma Informed Practices for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

A principal duty of law enforcement officers who work on cases of sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, and/or trafficking is to gather evidence of crimes experienced by survivors.  Learning about the signs of trauma and how they can best work with survivors who experience the effects of trauma can help law enforcement and prosecutors work more effectively with survivors and build stronger cases. STOP Administrators can strive to incorporate statewide and territory-wide trauma-informed training and practices, which will help disciplines understand what trauma is, learn about promising practices for working with survivors who live with its effects, and use trauma-informed approaches to help avoid retraumatizing survivors.
(Presented on 12/13/18)

Trauma Informed LE & Pros Practices Presentation
2015 Michigan Model Policy

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STOP Purpose Area 14: Implementing Policy Change within the STOP Program

STOP Formula Grant Program Purpose Area (PA) #14 provides that STOP funding can be used for the purpose of "developing and promoting State, local, or tribal legislation and policies that enhance best practices for responding to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking." This webinar will focus on STOP PA 14 and how it can be utilized to address system gaps within STOP.
(Presented on 11/1/18)

STOP Purpose Area 14 webinar_Final V4 10.30.18
STOP PA 14 Definitions and Statutory Cites
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

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STOP Implementation Planning: A Monthly at a Glance Guide

The purpose of this webinar is to launch a new product of the STAAR Project: STOP Implementation Planning: A Monthly At-A-Glance Guide. This guide is designed as a 12-month guide that provides a succinct bird's-eye view of the STOP implementation planning process through action steps and suggestions. This product is meant to complement the more comprehensive written products of the STAAR Project, the Implementation Plan Template Packet and Implementation Plan Tool, revised last year.
(Presented on 2/27/18)

STOP A-Monthly-At-a-Glance Guide
ALSO At a Glance webinar PowerPoint
At-A-Glance Webinar_Spanish Transcript

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New STOP Administrator Webinar

This webinar is geared towards new STOP Administrators (3 years or less). An overview of ALSO STAAR Project TA along with ALSO STAAR Project products are reviewed. Products shared include the STOP Administrator's Handbook, Implementation Planning Tool, Implementation Plan Template Packet, and resources for STOP Administrators found on ALSO’s website are shared.
(Presented on 12/11/17)

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