Humboldt Park People Power

Humboldt Park People Power (HP3) is a community empowerment project conceived of and implemented by ALSO in partnership with Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance (LSEA). The goal of Humboldt Park People Power is to promote resident empowerment to reduce violence in the Humboldt Park community. HP3 is grounded in the belief that we are safer when we are connected as a community and when solutions to violence originate within the community.

HP3 is currently in its planning phase. HP3 activities include:

-Community resident dinners: Every Thursday evening since mid-June 2016, HP3 hosts community dinners around Humboldt Park, including West Humboldt Park. The dinners are a time to for community residents and organizations to come together to break bread and open a dialogue about solutions violence and safety.

-Focus groups: At the community dinners, HP3 conducts focus groups with residents centered on safety and violence in Humboldt Park, which will help inform future violence prevention and intervention initiatives under HP3.

-Resident surveys on public safety: Since ALSO’s annual Walk for Peace on June 3, HP3 has surveyed approximately 441 community members, a number growing every week, on safety, community assets, and solutions for change. If you live in Humboldt Park, complete the survey online!

The project is funded by Get IN Chicago's Community Collaboration and Resident Empowerment Initiative. To read more about the grant recipients and the initiative, check out Maudlyne Ihejirika's article in the Chicago Sun Times"5 Struggling Communities Get Help Crafting Own Crime Solutions."