Legal Assistance for Victims-Vol.9, Issue 1 (2016)

We are pleased to share the latest issue of Administrators’ Corner, the e-publication that is specifically geared to state and territorial administrators and subgrantees of the STOP Formula Grant Program. 

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This issue focuses on legal assistance for victims. In 2013, Congress amended the Violence Against Women Act to allow STOP funds to be awarded for the purpose of providing legal assistance to survivors of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This change makes it possible for states and territories to address a wide range of survivors’ unmet legal needs with STOP Formula Grant funds in the civil legal and criminal justice systems. Assistance can now be provided on:

  • Family law issues (e.g., custody, visitation, divorce, legal separation);
  • Immigration;
  • Employment;
  • Administrative agency issues;
  • Housing;
  • Campus administrative issues;
  • Protection or stay away order proceedings, and other similar matters; and
  • Criminal justice investigations, prosecutions and post-trial matters (including sentencing, parole, and probation) that impact the victim’s safety and privacy.

This issue of Administrators’ Corner provides information about several areas of legal assistance that STOP administrators, their planning committees, and STOP subgrantees may find helpful when considering the needs of survivors in the state or territory.

  • How legal assistance can be used to help to restore the economic health and financial stability of survivors;
  • Legal representation for victims during the pendency of a criminal case against an offender;
  • Barbara J. Hart, Esq., one of the lead authors of Pennsylvania’s Protection From Abuse Act, shares her thoughts on the ways that STOP funds can be used to supplement survivors’ legal needs.
  • Resources on provision of legal assistance to survivors are included to help guide STOP administrators, planning committees, and STOP subgrantees in their consideration of these issues.

The issue also provides information about recent and upcoming STAAR Project technical assistance opportunities, offered in cooperation with the Office on Violence Against Women. Be sure to check the list of Upcoming Events for relevant training events and conferences that can help build knowledge and skills.

As always, please contact us at with TA questions, and suggestions for future topics you would like to see in Administrators’ Corner.

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