Implementation Plans-Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2017)

We are pleased to share the latest issue of Administrators’ Corner, the e-publication that is specifically geared to state and territorial administrators and subgrantees of the STOP Formula Grant Program. 

We know that the FY 2017 STOP Formula Grant Program application deadline is next week, and that many administrators are in the process of putting their state or territory applications together. Given that STOP Implementation Plans make up the bulk of the application, we are releasing this Administrators' Corner issue, which is focused on STOP Implementation Plans.

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In this issue, you will find:

  • Descriptions of and links to STOP implementation plan resources; 
  • Information about documenting the participation of the planning committee, and describing the larger consultation; 
  • A column by Quenette Walton, Postdoc fellow at UCLA and ALSO consultant, which reflects on the 2017 STOP Administrators meeting and offers guidance to administrators who are beginning to address intersectionality in their work;
  • Updates about technical assistance offered by Women of Color Network, Inc.;
  • STAAR Project Updates;
  • Upcoming Events; and
  • a list of official emails sent to STOP administrators by the STAAR Project and OVW.
Please contact ALSO STAAR Project TA if you would like assistance with any aspect of your implementation plans, or anything else related to the STOP program in your state or territory.
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