02Apr 2019

Safe Streets A Participant’s Story: Arle’que Kimble

Arle’que Kimble knew it was time for a big change in his life. “I was seeing friends go to jail and dying around me. And I was spending too much time fighting and was not trying to work.” In 2014, his best friend died from gun violence.   Arle’que, who is 22 and grew up in ...
22Mar 2019

Metropolitan Peace Academy: Graduation for Street Outreach Workers

Metropolitan Peace Academy: Graduation for Street Outreach Workers For ALSO street outreach workers Christine Escalera and Terry Gage, who work with program participants to stem violence in Humboldt Park, the job is about being there for people in need. On February 28, Christine and Terry were among 24 street outreach workers who graduated from a recently launched training ...
19Mar 2019

Expungement: Opening Doors, One Person at a Time

Expungement: Opening Doors, One Person at a Time For Angel, it wasn’t enough that he wanted to get a job. He had a criminal record, and having a record made it hard for him to get a job. The same is true for many men and women: They face barriers to employment mobility and accessing the mainstream ...
22Nov 2018

2018 Underserved Fall Institute

Grantees of programs providing outreach and services to underserved populations came together for the ALSO Underserved Institute in Chicago between October 9-11, 2018. This Institute, the first for the program, was hosted in partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, which funded the program. The Institute convened 44 grantees from 25 organizations across 16 ...
31Oct 2018

2018 Benefit for Peace Gala

ALSO Benefit for Peace October 27, 2018  Twenty years of ALSO. A chance to celebrate the past, look to the future and acknowledge the continuing importance of “Safe Homes, Safe Streets” – and all of our violence prevention work in local communities and across the nation.  More than 100 friends of ALSO attended the Benefit for Peace Gala ...
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